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Well, since you found this place you already understood my main intention for creating this site: Giving tips to linux programming newbies. This site will give you book reviews, howtos, general hints and links. But since I'm a newbie myself when it comes to programming under linux I can't teach you. If you figured something out - tell me! Every hint you give might get someone else over the crucial barrier that blocked him! You struggled really hard to get that certain info - share it with us, the next one will have it way easier... Now, take a look at the left to see where you can go!


vobcopy 1.2.0
Monday, Jun 8, 2009

A new progress bar brings speed enhancements/system load reduction - many thanks to Eric Kilfoil! Also vobcopy can now "rip" from an iso image on hdd or a directory containing a VIDEO_TS directory. People seem to need this for streaming dvd content to a ps3 via fuppes. That part seem to be buggy though, works 50/50. Will look further into that. Added another option: -M to rip the title with the longest playing time. Both methods, choosing the main title by longest playing time and most chapters, can be wrong - please try both if one fails. I will implement a message indicating that the methods recommend different "main" titles shortly. Other small corrections are also in I think. vobcopy-1.2.0.

vobcopy 1.1.2
Sunday, Oct 11, 2008

Small fixes, mostly for *bsd. Also, new option -x on the command line to overwrite existing files, "x" within the program. Added localization of messages in the program, for english and german for now.
OSX users, please test if vobcopy actually copies stuff (run vobcopy -v ) because on my mac there were problems (no data was copied - I contrib ute that to my setup). Please report back! Thanks! vobcopy-1.1.2.

vobcopy 1.1.1
Sunday, Mar 3, 2008

This release fixes the debian bug #465966, which deals with Gnu/kfreebsd. This release was prepared by Steve Birch, thanks for that! vobcopy-1.1.1.

vobcopy 1.1.0
Sunday, Jan 13, 2008

This release fixes the debian bug #448319 which got retitled CVE-2007-5718. Also, I cleaned up vobcopy to compile and run on MacOSX (10.5 at least). Spaces in filenames are now better handled ( I hope). Take a look: vobcopy-1.1.0.

vobcopy 1.0.2
Sunday, Jun 24, 2007

Small fixes, nothing major. A small segfault with the logging code got fixed and some logging beautification. Also some experimental code to skip broken blocks on the dvd. Go get it, vobcopy-1.0.2.

vobcopy 1.0.1
Monday, Nov 13, 2006

Small fixes, nothing major. This release isn't perfect (I know of a bug but it should be _very_ very rare since it's there a long time and nobody mailed for that) but I just want to get it out the door :) vobcopy-1.0.1.

vobcopy 1.0.0!!
Sunday, Apr 2, 2006

Okay, after a really long time and only few development I think this code is ready to enter maintainance mode and therefore I call it 1.0.0! It does what I wanted that code to do - but in the process it got *really* ugly. So I'm going to re-write lots of the code and that will be vobcopy2 in a sense. In 1.0.0 is a little code cleanup, some bugfixes but if I recall nothing major. vobcopy-1.0.0.

vobcopy 0.5.15 and 0.5.16
Wednesday, Jan 4, 2006

Well, actually there was some vobcopy development the last year. But very few and not _that_ interesting. But since I'm lazy it never made the news and wasn't even "officially" released. So, here come 2 versions at once:vobcopy-0.5.15 aaand vobcopy-0.5.16.

vobcopy 0.5.14
Thursday, Nov 18, 2004

This should be it: vobcopy-0.5.14.
There has been some code to get vobcopy to work on Free-, Net- and OpenBSD and on MacOSX (besides fink)! Also a minor bugfix and some other code cleanup.

my own little blog
Tuesday, June 23, 2004

I started to keep track of my daily "work" in my blog. Random stuff. Look here.

epox 8hda3+ motherboard info
Tuesday, June 23, 2004

I added some infos I gathered about my new motherboard - especially regarding cool'n quiet on this board (in conjunction with an athlon 64 3000+)

vobcopy 0.5.13
Friday, March 26, 2004

This should be it: vobcopy-0.5.13.
The -m and -O functions should now work correctly. Also should now hand-mounted dvd devices be found by vobcopy (i.e. which are not listed in fstab). Sorry and thanks to those who helped find this bug.

vobcopy bug FOUND (I think)
Thursday, March 25, 2004

I (think I) found the bug. It has been there since 0.5.7 as it seems... I thought the max filesize of vobs was 1GB and I used this as a fix-value within the program. But now a ls -l on some dvds showed that this size varies from dvd to dvd and even within a dvd...
A new release will be out probably around friday night. Sorry and thanks to those who helped find this bug.

STILL problems with vobcopy-0.5.12
Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Damn, damn damn, there is still a problem in the -m function that causes crc errors with mplayer in a52 dec. This bug is hard to trace though...Sorry...
Fall back to 0.5.9 if you need the -m function, this seems to be the last stable version with -m working.

vobcopy-0.5.12 released
Thursday, March 11, 2004

This version fixes the problem described below. Download it from here

Problems with vobcopy-0.5.11 and before
Wednesday,March 3, 2004

There is a bug in vobcopy's -m function which lets it copy false stuff over. Dunno yet where the error is, but work is being done.

vobcopy-0.5.11 released
Wednesday,February 25, 2004

This version fixes the problem described below. Download it from here

Digitus USB - Serial Converter info
Monday, February 9, 2004

I bought such a thing and here are the infos regarding it.

bugs in vobcopy-0.5.10 (and before)
Tuesday, January 27, 2004

1) vobcopy -O vts_02_1.vob -o -
doesn't write to stdout but to the same files that it would write to without '-o -' option.

2) vobcopy -n 2 gives a different file than vobcopy -n 2 -o - > tmp.vob
this happens since also the progress meter gets written to the file...
These bugs will be addressed soon. Sorry!

vobcopy-0.5.10 released
Friday, January 23, 2004

This version fixes the -O problem. Download it from here

Troubles with vobcopy-0.5.9
Monday, January 12, 2004

Happy new year!
But: in the 0.5.9 release of vobcopy is an error in the -O option which results in wrong content being copied. If you for instance call vobcopy -O vts_01_4, instead of vts_01_4.vob the content of vts_01_1.vob is being copied. I'm working on this bug but also thinking about extending and re-writing vobcopy so this might take a little longer. Thanks to Stewart Andreason.

New release of vobcopy - 0.5.9
Thursday, November 13, 2003

There is a new release of vobcopy available, 0.5.9. Get it here

Updates on the R31 page
Sunday, November 9, 2003

I already had made some updates on Thursday and got some comments on them today which I incorporated today. See in the update section. Thanks Paul !

Added knoppix ppc install page
Thursday, October 16, 2003

I had to install linux on a powerbook g3 and I installed knoppix-mib-ppc. Look here

Added info page about lilo
Sunday, October 6, 2003

I had some problem with lilo recently and couldn't find the error message "volid error" anywhere on the net so I talked a little with the maintainer of lilo and this is the info I gathered: here

New release of vobcopy - 0.5.8
Thursday, August 28, 2003

There is a new release of vobcopy available after a reeeeaaaly long time, 0.5.8. Get it here

My kernel on the R31 page
Tuesday, July 1, 2003

I upped my kernel image + modules of 2.4.21 for the r31. See r31 download page

Some more updates to the R31 page
Saturday, June 29, 2003

Some general cleanup and also some updates to irda. See the r31 page

Looots of updates to the R31 page
Monday, May 25, 2003

I found out quite a bit more about the R31 and now even updated the page ;-)

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